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Auto Insurance - think more about your car

At Insurance Plus, you'll find a range of auto insurance policies. Some individuals have earned perfect driving records, while others may have had a few bumps. Get help to find the best auto insurance for you.

 -  Bodily injury, collision, comprehensive, fault or no-fault coverage

 -  Glass repair and replacement, liability coverage

 -  Motor homes, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats / watercraft

 -  Optional and add-on equipment coverage, Personal injury (PIP)

 -  Uninsured / underinsured motorist

Our auto insurance coverage

Insurance Plus works with the following companies: Germania, Progressive, Travelers, Hartford, Mercury, Foremost, National Lloyds, Wellington, America First, Chubb, and JC Taylor. Harm to your vehicle can happen at any time, from the common fender bender to a sudden hail storm. Are you covered?

Our home and auto insurance sources

Insurance isn't cheap, but neither was your house. We're committed to helping you find just the right, affordable insurance product.

You're in the dark about personal liability? Ask us.



If you are nervous about being underinsured, but can't afford more, find out if you're eligible for a discount.

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